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Lift yourself
to excellence

Positive Deviance

Achieving excellence requires positive deviation from the norm. You become excellent as you begin to do things normal people do not want to do. 

Lead others
to excellence

Positive Leadership

When leaders do their best work, they don’t copy anyone. They draw on their own values and capabilities. Others are drawn by their integrity, and eagerly follow them on the journey to excellence.

Transform your organization

Positive Organization

In a positive organization, the people are flourishing and spontaneously exceeding expectations. As a result, the organization achieves excellence.

We think a lot, and write a little.

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Transform Your Organization

Normal Lens

Positive Lens

Pursue self-interests
Minimize personal costs
Feel fear
Prefer the status quo
Stay in roles
Speak in politically correct ways
Fail to see opportunities
Compete for resources
Experience conflict & Become alienated
Deny feedback and fail to learn
Personally stagnate

Embrace the common good
Make spontaneous contributions
Feel confidence
Overcome constraints
Expand roles
Speak with authentic voices
See and seize new opportunities
Build social networks
Nurture high quality connections
Embrace feedback
Exceed expectations
Learn and flourish

Normal Outcomes

Positive Outcomes

The difference between Normal and Positive?   Leadership.

LIFT Manifesto

Excellence is universally achievable, though uniquely manifest.
Excellence emerges from a transient psychological state we call LIFT.
Entering LIFT is a choice
and a learnable practice.
When we actively and genuinely seek honest feedback people trust us more and tend to offer more accurate feedback. A cycle of learning and empowerment is created, allowing us to see things that people normally cannot see and to formulate transformational strategies.
When we clarify higher purpose and the results we want to create, we move toward possibilities that does not yet exist. We become more proactive, intentional, optimistic, invested, and persistent. Our impact on others becomes energizing.
When we put the collective good first, others reward us with their trust and respect. We form tighter, more sensitive bonds. Empathy increases, and cohesion follows. We create an enriched sense of community, and that helps us transcend the conflicts that are a necessary element in high-performing organizations.
When we stop merely complying with others’ expectations and conforming to the current culture, we become more confident and more authentic, and we behave differently. Some are attracted to our new behavior, others are offended by it. That’s not prohibitive, though: When we are true to our values, we are willing to initiate such conflict.
Teachers. Coaches. Thinkers. Leaders. Change Agents. 
We create belief in unconventional assumptions that give rise to excellence.
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Dan spent a dozen years leading change within organizations, mobilizing executives and inspiring teams to acheive "the impossible" in spite of culture or other constraints. His LIFT engagements include teaching and coaching, as well as actively leading a full-scale business transformation. Dan earned a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Michigan and Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Brigham Young University. He has spent significant time in Taiwan and India, and speaks Mandarin Chinese. He lives near Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife and five children, and enjoys coaching his kids’ athletic teams and working with youth development programs.
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