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Why Do I Cross the Line?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

By Schon Beechler

Sitting on the edge of a turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, as I have for the past nine days, opens up enough space to explore a few of the many questions that pile up but don’t get answered in the busyness of my everyday life.  As I sit quietly gazing at the brilliant fuchsia bougainvillea outside our room, sipping smooth, rich coffee early one morning, a question pops into my awareness: Why do I find it necessary to keep crossing the line? I find that I regularly cross the line by pushing myself beyond my limits in both my personal and my professional life. Predictably, every time I do, I am punished—always by myself, and usually others as well. The consequences vary—friends and family get annoyed, my work performance suffers, others’ evaluations of me fall, my confidence is shaken, and, oftentimes, my most important values end up being compromised. I inevitably feel lousy and spend untold hours analyzing what went wrong and why and vowing never to let it happen again. And yet it does, with surprising regularity. (more…)