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The Collapse of the Red Sox and My Choice to Live Differently: A Program to Change How You React to Negative Events

Friday, September 30th, 2011

By Robert E. Quinn

I was born in 1946.  I suspect I became a Red Sox fan in 1945.  I am sure it was sometime shortly after the day of conception.  What this means is that I have lived through every tragedy in the modern history of this unique franchise.   When Dent hit the homerun, when the ball rolled through Buckner’s legs, when Aaron Boone pulled one over the fence, I was devastated.  Each time it took months to recover.  Last night, when the Red Sox fell from ahead to lose and the Rays came from behind to win all in a three-minute period, it seemed to eclipse all of the previous disasters.  It was so improbable.

Even so, here is the big news.

I feel great.

I still love the Red Sox. But the negative events that often surround the team no longer determine how I feel. (more…)