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Doting Parents vs. Howl of the Wolf Dad: Views from China

Thursday, December 1st, 2011


This morning’s China Daily newspaper features an article titled, “Howl of the Wolf Dad.” According to the article, Xiao Baiyou, a successful businessman who recently published his memoir, credits his stern parenting style for the fact that three of his offspring now attend the prestigious Peking University.  Xiao, whipped “thousands of times” as a child by his mother, is grateful for it: “Bearing the pains helps strengthen your mind, build up your character, and develop a strong will. …Nowadays Chinese parents are too soft…”

Experts and parents in China have been divided by Xiao’s parenting style and there is little doubt in my mind that most American readers would find his methods abhorrent. But Xiao says that his actions are entirely born from love: “Wolves look ferocious and brutal, yet they have great wisdom and are exceptionally tender to their cubs. It’s just like me: My brutality is all out of love.”

If he is acting out of love, and if his own experience is that being whipped in childhood helped create his success, something that he also wants for all of his children, I wonder if there is something positive in Mr. Xiao’s approach. What do you think?

Ai Weiwei: Positive Leader for Change in China

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


For the past year, Ai Wewei, the renowned Chinese contemporary artist who collaborated with Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron as the artistic consultant on the “Bird’s Nest” (the Beijing National Stadium) for the 2008 Olympics, has been showing the world the power of positive leadership to take on a repressive government in China. (more…)

Teaching Positive Leadership in China

Monday, November 28th, 2011


6:19 AM. I am sitting in my hotel room in Shanghai, still a bit jetlagged and waiting for the sun to rise through the haze of the city. I’m here to teach executive courses on positive leadership with two colleagues from Melbourne and we’ve already delivered two programs and are getting ready to start our third this morning. The stresses on the executives attending our courses are enormous – everything here is changing at lightning speed, competition is fierce, work weeks are grueling. And, at the same time, there are fantastic opportunities for each and every one of them. They are just hard to see beyond the mania of the day to day. That’s what we’re doing here. (more…)